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AgroTourNet Quality” (European Agrotourism Vocational Empowerment and Quality Certification), is a project implemented with assistance from EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation. The project’s main aim is to exploit the functionality of the “AgroTourNet e-learning software” which was created by the LdV pilot project www.agrotour.net (CY/06/B/F/PP).


This project is set to develop a new European Agrotourism Quality Standard (EUAN) which will embrace existing regional practices, strategies and trends in the agrotourism market. EUAN in this respect acknowledges the qualification procedures developed by agrotourism stakeholders in their effort to protect and promote the integrity of the vocational standards of the infrastructure and the quality of the rendered services.


The project outcomes are addressing the vocational empowerment of agrotourism personnel with competencies for the protection, accentuation and promotion of discernible agrotourism services in Europe.


The project aims are:


  1. The promotion of vocational training which prejudges the common characteristics of European Agrotourism, and
  2. The development of a trustworthy system for certification of infrastructure and services in agrotourism with acknowledgement of existing vocational practices which were developed in the sector and based on the philosophy for intraregional transparency of the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The system prejudges the award of the European Agrotourism Badge to qualifying enterprises.




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